Banana Pudding cake filled with banana cream filling, and topped with banana cream frosting with a vanilla wafer cookie on top (cool)

                         Mother's Day Cupcakes

Chocolate cake with chocolate chips topped with chocolate creamy frosting, and a marshmallow fondant on top (Beautiful and Strong)

Matcha Green Tea fluffy cake with green tea cream cheese frosting (Herbal)

Strawberry shortcake moist cake filled with whipped cream frosting, and topped with homemade whipped cream frosting with a fresh strawberry on top (Happy)

Jumbo $6.00

Half Dozen $36.00

Dozen $72.00

Baker's Dozen $78.00

Regular $4.00

Half dozen $24.00

Dozen $48.00

Baker's Dozen $52.00

Red velvet chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting, and with sprinkles on top (Sexy)

Vegan Carrot Cake (real carrots) with cream cheese frosting, and with a carrot fondant on top (Go Vegan!)

Pink bubblegum fluffy cake with buttercream frosting, and with a pink bubblegum hard candy on top (Adorable)

Coffee cake with coffee cream filling "it has Kahula" and with coffee buttercream frosting with chocolate chips, and sprinkled with Major Dickenson's coffee grinds (Energy)

Chocolatier's dream soft cake stuffed with chocolate chips, and with chocolate creamy frosting on top (Moody)

Mini $2.00

Half dozen $12.00

Dozen $24.00

Baker's Dozen $26.00