Sweet Ebbie Cupcakes main goal is to satisfy customers sweet tooth with these super scrumptious simple sweet cupcakes that I bake from the heart. Sweet Ebbie Cupcakes motto is,"Every cupcake is baked with Love."

Every cupcake is baked with Love.

Sweet Ebbie Cupcakes started in my small kitchen on a warm sunny day. I was experimenting with different frosting flavors, and baking white cake. I have baked my first 24 cupcakes from scratch on my own. When I sold my first 12 cupcakes to my co-workers, they loved it! Meaning, one of my co-worker's had given me a hug. I've baked 32 cupcakes for my baby shower, and my guest fell in love with my homemade buttercream frosting! I knew then that I had a special product that I must share with everyone. Sweet Ebbie Cupcakes mean "sweet little ebbie" My great-aunt always called me ebbie. Plus, I am a sweet new mom. Therefore, Sweet Ebbie Cupcakes was created.

About Sweet Ebbie Cupcakes

What makes Sweet Ebbie Cupcakes unique is that this cupcakery has different flavors of frosting that captivates customer's mood. SEC is the only cupcake shop in the bay area that have a frosting flavor mood system and crazy frosting that taste like ice cream!